6 – 7 Nov 2020 – Certificate Workshop for Expertise on POSH

6th November, 2020
10:00am – 11:00am INTRODUCTION TO LAW Introduction to the Law
  • Understanding Employer’s responsibilities under Law, its importance & consequences of non-compliance
  • Composition, appointment, removal & term of office of Internal Committee (IC) – Do’s & Don’ts
  • The importance of following process prescribed by Law
  • Role of IC members & HR in assisting Employer in fulfilling the same
  • Managing multiple roles of mentor, manager, colleague, employee
  • Identifying challenges faced
  • Introduction to redressal mechanism
Case laws and Discussions
11:00am – 1:00pm INTRODUCTION TO SEXUAL HARASSMENT Introduction to the concept of Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment: Types & Criteria
  • Workplace harassment vs. sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment & relationships
  • Nature of complaints you get and how to identify if it’s a sexual harassment complaint?
  • Impact on involved parties
Understanding concepts & various scenarios using – activities, videos, real life examples, case studies and case laws
LUNCH (1:00pm – 2:00pm)
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm INTRODUCTION TO COMPLAINANT & RESPONDENT Introduction to other important concepts under Law
  • Who can file a complaint?
  • Who is an employee?
  • What does a workplace mean?
  • Types of complaints
  • Against whom can you receive complaints?
  • Understanding redressal mechanism under Law
  • Assistance in filing the complaint
Understanding concepts & various scenarios using real life examples, case studies and case laws
  • What to do when any individual reaches out to you?
  • Awareness of individual differences in dealing with SH
  • What if complaints are about incidents happening in parties / holiday etc.?
  • What if the caller / complainant states that they are being stalked / threatened?
  • What if the caller / complainant breaks down and cries?
  • What if the caller / complainant wants to file a complaint with Police?
  • What to do when you have identified the complaint as a sexual harassment complaint?
  • What to do when you cannot identify nature of complaint?
  • What if one does not know how to write a complaint?
  • What if complaints are raised against outsiders (strangers or employees of other organizations)?
Redressal mechanism and dealing with other challenges
  • Process of Conciliation & things to keep in mind
  • Process of Inquiry – how and what to ask
  • Evidence: What is admissible, What is NOT?
  • Witness: How to examine and cross-examine?
  • Principles of natural justice: what does that mean in the real world
  • Handling difficult situations – such as party or parties seeking change in composition of IC members, Filing of defamation cases, Maintenance of confidentiality in a situation where emails / letters have been marked to several persons in senior / middle management, IC discovering other administrative concerns or ethical violations during inquiry etc.
  • Discussion on preparation of an inquiry report along with recommendations
  • Drafting of inquiry report
  • Discussion on malicious complaints
  • Red Flags: Common lapses & Tips
  • Do’s & Don’ts
Understanding concepts & various scenarios using real life examples, case studies and case laws
  1. A power point presentation for quick reference
  2. Checklist for compliance
  3. Checklist for timelines
  4. Certificate of Participation by POSH at Work
INR 5,000/- (+Taxes) for the workshop and the abovementioned giveaways
For those looking for assessment & certificate post the Workshop, the following will follow:
6th November 2020 5:00pm – 5:30pm Assessment questions will be shared post the Workshop INR 5,000/- (+Taxes) for Assessment and 6th November 2020 Certificate post that
6th November 2020 5:30pm – 10.30pm You will be required to take the test anytime between 5:30pm to 10:30pm on 6th November, 2020 (The test will take about 30 – 45mins)
7th November 2020 (12:00pm – 2:00pm) There will be a Q&A to discuss the Assessment. Thereafter, the Certificate will be given.
  1. Do’s and Don’ts and things to keep in mind
  2. List of some of the important case laws to keep in mind

Feedback from some who have taken this certificate course in the past

“Nobody else could explain the POSH Law better than the Trainers at POSH at Work. It was a good mix of Lawyers and Counsellors. The training not only gave me the right logic and perspective of the Law, its procedures and intricacies but also its origins and current updates in the society. The training is ideal for IC members and HR who want to be the torch bearers of zero tolerance in their organization.” – Shruti Singh, Mumbai
“I attended the training conducted by POSH at work held in Bangalore in May 2019. I would like to share that the training was very well planned, conceived and executed; right from the logistics like the venue to the content of the sessions was wonderful. All three partners, Shivangi, Sana and Samriti are experts, well trained and well versed with the subject. Their individual respective professional backgrounds of corporate law, criminal law and psychology are very well utilized in the training modules and each one brings in their own area of expertise and perspective. In my opinion this provides a very well rounded training session with all the applicable areas duly covered. The training has equipped me with the knowledge that I was lacking, as well as helped me think from a broader perspective. It has made me aware of the laws that are in place and the journey and struggles behind these laws getting passed. The role of the judiciary, the parliament as well as the media in considering new laws and the procedure involved therein. Their training module met my expectations and I am very happy to be collaborating with them. I would highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to grow personally while engaging in self-reflection or to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the legal and psychological framework behind sexual harassment in order to apply this understanding in the field. I wish POSH at Work all the very best ahead and hope that they continue doing this commendable work in order to better society at large.” – Rishi Talwar, Psychologist, New Delhi
“I must say I came to Bangalore to attend the POSH training with an open mind but a lot of expectations. I was excited no doubts, because after 14 years of being a soft skills trainer, I was very keen on doing something new and niche. The POSH training started on 17th May, 2019 and ended on 24th May, 2019. I can very happily and confidently say it was definitely one of the best training programs I have attended (I have attended numerous training programs in my life). The training was so very interesting, well organized and so full of impact that not a second was anyone bored or feeling lethargic. Hats off to the trainers, Shivangi, Samriti, and Sana who were just amazing and ensured that all the participants understood every single bit. The training was outstanding in every aspect and very informative. I thank my trainers for all the information supported with relevant case studies and role plays which has certainly left a major impact.” – Bharati Iyer, Chennai
“It was a very elaborate training and covered all the aspects of the law, in fact minute attention was paid to all the points. Nothing was left untouched. We had insightful discussions on all the sub topics and ample time was given to all the participants and all the queries were answered, giving us the correct details and clarity. We got a lot of examples and case studies to be discussed and understand the concepts and the whole process. The facilitators have excellent facilitation skills and are truly experts on the subject. It reflects throughout the training be it content, PPT, delivery styles, session planning and handling and answering the participant questions. The training made me confident on the subject and the Law as I know that I have great mentors for support.” – Urvashi Mirani, Mumbai
“The 5 days training was a delight to attend. Time was well spent on understanding the POSH law including how to read the Bare Act, history behind this law including how and why it was promulgated, the various stages of an inquiry including their sequence (which could have been complicated for first timers), how to conduct inquiry (with mocks), handling tough respondents, and uncooperative witnesses. The nitty gritties were explained patiently, in simple lucid language, with lots of real examples. The atmosphere was light, peppered with refreshments, and time just flew. Long hours were not felt due to the way topics were handled, making the training very interesting, informative, thorough, and practical. It was my privilege to attend it.” – Sumali Nagarajan, Hyderabad
“The training that I attended in May 2019 on POSH, was educational and practical in nature. As someone who has never attended a POSH program before, I felt that the program was well designed for all segments of people, and age groups, and people from diverse background. The program/course was practically executed, the example used, the role plays conducted, keeping in mind that this kind of awareness is needed for anyone and everyone. What is even better about the training program was the legal aspects and implications, discussed and understood along with the law. It is also vital to note that such an awareness program helps us understand our rights. Each Trainer, Ms Shivangi, Ms Sana and Ms Samriti had well brought out the Legal and Psychological side of POSH very well , therefore at all times the program was well balanced and sensitively conducted. Enjoyed POSH program conducted by POSH at Work very much and would recommend it to people who want to get an understanding of the same.” – Shayanti Roy, Kolkata
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