The Law requires that IC Members are trained so that they are able to inquire into complaints effectively as per process under Law. Similarly Law also provides that organizations must organize regular training and awareness programs on this Law amongst employees to ensure knowledge/awareness about it.

These can be conducted through in-person interactive sessions, interactive webinars, e-learning modules, podcasts, plays etc. and can be of different durations.

Below are some of the ways in which the training & awareness programs can be conducted

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Learn about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace conduct. We cover how to identify and address sexual harassment, the importance of speaking up, and how to contribute to a positive work environment.

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If you're part of the IC, we provide training on the legal aspects of harassment, how to conduct investigations fairly, and how to maintain confidentiality while handling complaints, etc.


Managers play a crucial role in fostering a respectful culture. Our module helps managers recognize and address harassment, promote diversity and inclusion, and support employees effectively.

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