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Learn about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace conduct. We cover how to identify and address sexual harassment, the importance of speaking up, and how to contribute to a positive work environment.

Internal Committee (IC)

If you're part of the IC, we provide training on the legal aspects of harassment, how to conduct investigations fairly, and how to maintain confidentiality while handling complaints, etc.


Managers play a crucial role in fostering a respectful culture. Our module helps managers recognize and address harassment, promote diversity and inclusion, and support employees effectively.

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Empower Your Career: Navigate workplace challenges confidently with tailored courses.
Learn from Experts: Gain insights from professionals with over a decade of experience.
Personalized Learning: Role-specific modules meet your career goals.
Convenient Access: Seamlessly learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Dedicated Support: Get personalized assistance and regular updates.
Invest in Talent: Develop your workforce with our courses.
Boost Engagement: Interactive content enhances motivation and satisfaction.
Improve Performance: Equip teams with skills to overcome challenges.
Stay Competitive: Keep pace with industry trends and developments.
Cost-Effective Solutions: Scalable training options for businesses of all sizes.

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What Our Clients Say

Namrita Mahindro

Chief Digital Officer & CIO at Aditya Birla Chemicals, Board Director, CCXP, Stanford Seed Mentor, T Hub Mentor & Coach

This week, I had the privilege of participating in a half-day POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) training, meticulously arranged by our HR team at Aditya Birla Chemicals. It was a comprehensive session designed for all Internal Committee (IC) members across our factories, individual businesses, and at the sector level. Exceptional Training by Shivangi Prasad. A special mention to Shivangi Prasad, who facilitated the training. Her approach was engaging and interactive, making the 4-hour session fly by. The use of multiple case studies effectively highlighted the gravity of our responsibilities, yet ensured the training was not burdensome. There were numerous meaningful takeaways.

Welingkar Institute of Management

Adv. Shivangi Prasad, Founder of POSH at Work, sheds light on the crucial subject of POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) during our induction program. Ensuring a safer and more inclusive environment for our students at Welingkar.

Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Grateful for the successful completion of the ‘Capacity Building Program on the Law against Sexual Harassment at Workplace’. A heartfelt thank you to our distinguished speakers, Adv. Shivangi Prasad and Ms. Attreyi Mukherjee, for sharing their expertise and insights on this critical subject. Your valuable contributions in addressing the nuances, challenges, and solutions surrounding workplace harassment have been truly enlightening.


Your commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment is commendable.

Amulya Chinmaye

Counsel, Global Employment Law, ServiceNow

As we celebrate the triumph of good over evil during this festive season, and with the 10th anniversary of the POSH law approaching, we decided to conduct in-person POSH sensitisation sessions for our India workforce this year. Our goal: To uphold our continued commitment to prevent all forms of harassment and create a safer, more inclusive workplace at ServiceNow. Huge kudos to Shivangi Prasad from The Legal Swan, our vendor partner, for delivering exceptional and engaging training! Next, we’re set to sensitise 3500+ employees in-person over the next two months.

Telangana State Police Department

A heartfelt expression of gratitude is extended by Telangana State Police (Women Safety Wing), with special appreciation for Adv. Shivangi Prasad specially by DGP Sir (@Telangana DGP), IPS Shikha Goel ma’am (@Shikhagoel_IPS), and Abhilasha Bisht ma’am (@abhilasha_bisht ma’am) along with all other officials involved in hosting the significant program. The program was not only an exceptional experience but also showcased the remarkable passion and commitment of The Legal Swan towards the cause.

Isha Sinha

Medicover Hospitals, India || Forbes India Legal Powerlist 2022- Top In-House Lawyer, IIM-Kozhikode || Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas || Tatva Legal, Hyderabad.

Medicover Hospitals in collaboration with CII Indian Women Network, SAHAS, an initiative of the Women Safety Wing Telangana State Police and IAMC Hyderabad, on August 19, 2023 hosted a Fire Side Chat Event on: “A Decade of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (“Act”): What has been achieved and what remains!” at Hyderabad. The event aimed to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges pertaining to the Act, over the past decade. 

ET Master Class

Celebrate our recent success! Engage with the knowledge and insights gained from our two-day Labour Law Masterclass, a workshop that delved into the pivotal role of Labour laws in shaping business strategy and Human Resource Management.


Participants had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the intricate legal framework that governs employment relationships. The workshop explored the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees, emphasizing the importance of ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

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Why should you opt for eLearning Module?

Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying are pervasive issues that affect individuals across the World in various settings be it schools, workplaces, homes, public spaces or online platforms.

As per a 2022 International Labour Organization (ILO) Report

Employees have faced violence or harassment at work.
0 %
Employed individuals have faced psychological violence and harassment at work.
0 %
Men experience more physical violence and harassment at work than women
0 %

Many may not fully understand the different forms of harassment, their impact on individuals, or the long-term consequences. Further, such topics are considered ‘taboo’ topics across several parts of the world making it further difficult to bring such issues to the forefront.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an Interactive Course designed by legal experts and psychologists at POSH at Work to educate & empower employees about their rights as well as duties under the Law in order to understand varied aspects of the Policy and nuances around the subject. The module covers key topics such as:

  1. Terms like ‘Unwelcome’, Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Employee, etc. and what may lead to sexual harassment
  2. Types of Sexual Harassment: Physical as well as Virtual
  3. Internal Committee (IC): Composition, Term, Removal
  4. Process for filing & redressal of a complaint
  5. Rights & Duties

Here are the benefits:

  1. It is completely engaging and interactive.
  2. It is only 30 minutes long.
  3. Extremely cost effective.
  4. The Module will be customised with your logo.
  5. The Module will also have a copy of your policy available for download.
  6. Status reports can be generated by us or you to see how many employees have started, completed, score etc. and also check how many have not accessed the Module or last accessed date.
  7. A certificate will be generated automatically at the end of the Course which can be saved as record of completion.
  8. It can be accessed from any device.
  9. You can put our Module in your learning management system (LMS) or have your employees take the module from our user friendly LMS platform.
  10. Content is updated regularly. For example, with the Module, we are also adding 2 short videos shortly for additional learning. Users will be able to access other learning material as well.
  11. We will give you all the support you may need – answering queries, sending reminders, assisting you with mails and everything!

The uniqueness is that we have been able to put our 80+ years of joint experience into this crisp module to ensure that employees not only understand the key concepts but also the expectations from them as employees. The content has, therefore, been thought out very deeply to ensure legally as well as psychologically relevant language.

The eModule is for approx. 30 minutes.

Mobility, Better retention, Consistent content, Quick learning, Cost-effective and saves time, Effective learning, Creative learning, 24/7 Access, Self-paced & Focused learning, Self-discipline

Anyone who wants basic understanding about POSH can make use of the modules. The modules are useful for employees of any company (IT/BT), Manufacturing industry, hospitality industry, health care, sport or vocational course institutes, unorganized sector, government departments, educational institution, etc.

Yes, at the end of the course, learner will get course completion certificate, which can be downloaded by the user at the end of eModule.

Awareness sessions are very important mainly for two reasons. Build healthy, safe, progressive productive, respectful workplace. & Compliance