Half-Day Interactive Train the Trainer Workshop

This session is designed for an identified set of employees at the organization so that they can be trained by us as champions and continue the process of creating awareness amongst other employees internally. This helps in long term creation of local resources who can create awareness on a regular basis even if the attrition rate is high without any need for resorting to sessions by eternal trainers. Hence, it also reduces costs in the long run. 

Duration: Half Day

Batch Size: Maximum 25 participants


  1. Power point presentation
  2. Script which can be used along with PPT

You can scroll down to see the details of some of the topics we will cover during this session. Recording not permitted.

This program will also includes learning from: Videos, Case Scenarios and Real-life examples, Polling and Quizzes. Sessions will be tailored to your Oragnization’s requirement. Hence, kindly provide us with a copy of your anti-sexual harassment / prevention of sexual harassment policy, list of IC members and other details that you would like us to be aware of when conducting the program.

Session can also be tailored to the context of COVID-19 & work from home and the practices / processes being followed by your Organization (if any). Alternatively, a call can be scheduled to discuss your expectations & requirements. Once you have placed the order, we will confirm the date and facilitator details.



Training Identified Employees to understand sexual harassment and its nuances along with understanding the redressal mechanism so that they can:

  • Encourage employees to come forward with their concerns & be able to address them sensitively & without any bias
  • Be able to assist aggrieved individuals in reaching out to the Internal Committee (IC) (when required)
  • Recognize their role in effective implementation of the Law
  • Be aware of the support and the co-operation that the IC may require of them
  • Be aware of the values of the Company
  • Assist the Management of the Company in bringing about cultural change for a healthy working environment

Understanding Sexual Harassment:

  • Definition of Sexual Harassment
  • Types of Sexual Harassment including physical and virtual
  • Sexual harassment vs. relationships vs. workplace harassment

Psychological & Behavioural Understanding:

  • Awareness of individual differences
  • Knowing the boundaries: Including but not limited to physical
  • Impact of sexual harassment on involved parties
  • Discussing barriers in reporting cases of sexual harassment
  • Preventive Measures: It’s about developing healthy professional relationships

Understanding of Redressal Process:

  • What is workplace?
  • Who can file a complaint?
  • Who can complaint be filed against?
  • What is an Internal Committee?
  • Process of conciliation & redressal of complaint along with timelines
  • What can IC recommend?
  • Importance of Confidentiality

Understanding the Unique Role as Facilitators:

  • Role and responsibilities for effective implementation of the Act
  • Do’s/Don’ts and guidance when an employee reports instance/s of sexual harassment to them
  • Preventive Measures (including do’s and don’ts while working remotely)


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