Shivangi Prasad, Partner Published Handbook on POSH

Shivangi Prasad, Partner Published Handbook on POSH

Shivangi Prasad, Partner at POSH at Work, co-authored a Book titled ‘Handbook on the Law of Sexual Harassment at Workplace’ which was published and marketed by Thomson Reuters in 2015.

This book adopts a practical approach to understanding the provisions of the Act and the rules framed thereunder. The book has twelve chapters each of which deal with a separate topic under the Act and all provisions relating to the topic are covered under such chapter. Chapter I, for instance, discusses the applicability of the statute and the definitions under the Act, while ChapterĀ II, deals with the subject of what constitutes sexual harassment and discusses the various forms of sexual harassment. Chapters V and VI are devoted to understanding the duties and obligations of the complaints committee and the employer, respectively, focusing on their roles in handling complaints and providing redressal to complainant in accordance with provisions of the statute. Chapters X and XII deal with the grey areas and practical issues in relation to the statute including operational challenges of various compliance requirements and seek to provide possible solutions.

Case laws, illustrations and international jurisprudence have been used throughout the book to provide the readers with an insight into the significance of various provisions of the law. Compliance requirements under the statute have been dealt with both from a theory as well as practical perspective. Hence, it is a practical handbook for not just practitioners but also company managers in human resource, administration and compliance functions, directors and very importantly the members of the complaints committee who would have to deal with complaints made under the Act. Based upon the redressal mechanism and compliance requirements under the statute, the book provides sample policy, sample forms for filing complaints and preparing reports, checklists of duties of employer as well the complaints committee and a flowchart explaining timelines for entire complaints redressal mechanism. We congratulate her for this achievement.

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